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Every year, Gaelscoileanna Teo. gathers statistics from the Irish-medium schools. These statistics help us to strategically plan for the development of the Irish-medium sector and to cater for its requirements. Receiving these statistics enables us to effectively support Irish-medium schools. There is a list of additional research published on Irish-medium education available here.

Statistics are made available to researchers and members of the public, but under Gaelscoileanna Teo.’s policy, no information is given out in relation to any particular school.

Download statistics for 2015/2016 here: Education through Irish

Demand for Irish-medium schools: Éileamh ar scoileanna lán-Ghaeilge

Irish-medium DEIS schools: Scoileanna DEIS

We would like to express our gratitude to the schools who helped us by sharing their statistics with us this year.

Provision of Immersion Education for the academic year 2016/17:

Statistics on naíonraí pending.

Primary schools in the 26 Counties, outside Gaeltacht areas: 145
Primary schools in Gaeltacht areas: 125
Primary schools in the 6 Counties: 35
Total number of primary schools: 305

Post-primary schools and Aonaid in the 26 Counties, outside Gaeltacht areas: 44
Post-primary schools and Aonaid in Gaeltacht areas: 22
Post-primary schools and Aonaid in the 6 Counties: 6
Total number of Post-primary schools and Aonaid: 72