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According to national and international research, advantages of immersion education include:

  • Cognitive advantages and greater academic success: The child/pupil will have greater mental ability and will achieve better results
  • Easier to learn additional languages: The child/pupil will develop both languages and neither will be negatively affected, nor will their progress in any other subject, e.g. French, Spanish, History, Art, etc.
  • The ability to speak two languages fluently and to read and write in two languages: International experts point to the fact that literacy skills transfer with greater ease from a minority language to a majority language
  • Better communication skills, more creativity and sensitivity to communication
  • Children/pupils gain a deeper appreciation of their culture, which leads to increased self-esteem and sense of identity
  • Economic and employment benefits: Ability to work in more than one language is a valued skill
  • Broader exposure to and appreciation of the value of various cultures: Deeper multi-culturalism, greater tolerance and less racism
  • A candidate who answers in Irish in the written examination in certain Leaving Certificate subjects may be given bonus marks