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Opening a Naíonra

Are you interested in setting up a naíonra? Gaeloideachas provides advice and support to those who wish to set up a new naíonra, including both private and community naíonraí. Contact us on 01 8535195 or eolas@gaeloideachas.ie for further information. Financial support towards the costs involved in setting up a new naíonra is available under the following conditions:

Grants for Naíonraí Founding Committees

Gaeloideachas provides support to committees who wish to expand the provision of Irish-medium education at preschool level. This grant is available to cover the work of the committee only. New naíonraí who have confirmation that they will open can apply for financial help under the Grant Scheme for New Naíonraí (below).

This grant for founding committees covers miscellaneous expenses to the value of €400. All expenditure must be agreed beforehand with a Gaeloideachas Development Officer. Approved expenses will be paid directly to the supplier or will be refunded to the founding committee on a receipt basis. The following are examples of expenditure that could be included:

  • Advertising
  • Design and printing costs for publicity materials
  • Meeting room rental
  • Photocopying
  • Other costs incurred that are essential to the campaign and have been approved by a Gaeloideachas Development Officer

To apply for this grant, contact us on 01 8535195 nó eolas@gaeloideachas.ie.

Grants for New Naíonraí

The grant for new naíonraí covers:

  • Books to the value of €200
  • Miscellaneous expenses to the maximum value of €600. All expenditure in this category must be given prior approval by a Gaeloideachas Development Officer. Approved expenses will be paid directly to the supplier or will be refunded to the naíonra on a receipt basis.

Naíonraí who apply for funding under this scheme must fulfil the following criteria:

  1. The naíonra must be registered with Tusla
  2. The manager of the naíonra must attend a consultation on early immersion education practice with a Gaeloideachas Development Officer prior to the opening of the naíonra
  3. Irish must be the language of communication and business of the naíonra
  4. The early immersion education method must be fully practiced within the naíonra
  5. The staff in the naíonra must participate in the support networks Gaeloideachas provides for naíonraí
  6. The naíonra must complete a statistics form annually for Gaeloideachas

To apply for this grant, please contact us on 01 8535195 or eolas@gaeloideachas.ie.