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Events & Trips

On the Irish-language version of this page, you’ll find a list of organisations that provide services through the medium of Irish to naíonraí and to schools. They are listed for the purpose of providing information and Gaelscoileanna Teo. does not endorse any particular organisation or service.

Has an organisation other than those listed run a workshop in your naíonra/school through Irish, or have you gone on a tour through Irish? If you have any suggestions you’d like to add, please email the details to us at oifig@gaelscoileanna.ie.

Naíonraí and schools applying for funding through the Le Chéile Trí Ghaeilge grant scheme can organise any kind of event they like, once it’s through the medium of Irish. Naíonraí and schools have used the grant to fund sports days, music workshops, games, competitions, drama, storytelling, tours and more.

Do you work for an organisation that runs events or workshops for naíonraí and for schools through Irish? If you’d like to be included on our list, please email us at oifig@gaelscoileanna.ie

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