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(Gaeilge) Cúrsaí Teicneolaíochta do Mhúinteoirí

September 5, 2018

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August 29, 2018

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Déan Comhrá ‘Cúpla Focal’ for Parents and Guardians

August 27, 2018

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Gaeloideachas is delighted to announce the publication of its new booklet Déan Comhrá ‘Cúpla Focal’ for Parents and Guardians. 

This booklet is aimed at parents and guardians of children attending a naíonra or Irish-medium school. It is full of simple, practical vocabulary that can be used at home together on a daily basis. We hope the booklet will help parents find useful phrases and words to use with their children at home while doing homework, having meals together and as part of their daily activities, with the múinteoir or príomhoide and with other parents they meet at the naíonra or school.

There are many benefits of speaking Irish at home with your child and we hope that these words and phrases will help make Irish part of your daily routine. You can help your child build on their confidence and improve their Irish by giving them lots of opportunities to speak Irish outside of the classroom. It will help them greatly to have regular, real reasons for using the language. If they see that you are enthusiastic and positive about the language, they will be too! If you wish to learn Irish yourself, we highly recommended that you use this booklet
alongside our website IrishforParents.ie. You will find many excellent resources on the site which have been specifically developed for the language requirements of parents and guardians of children in Irish-medium education. The website will help you build vocabulary based on relevant topics, help your understanding of spoken
Irish through video and audio files and you can learn more about language structures. We hope you have fun on this journey together. Bain triail as!

Have a read here! Déan Comhrá ‘Cúpla Focal’ for Parents and Guardians

(Gaeilge) Tosú sa Ghaelscoil – cúpla nod don tuismitheoir le Gaeilge

August 27, 2018

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Starting in the Gaelscoil – tips for parents

August 27, 2018

Starting school is a big milestone for small children. There’s loads of great information out there on how to prepare your child for their first day in school, but what if it’s their (and your) first experience of a Gaelscoil?

Here are five tips especially for parents who have little or no Irish themselves, to help you and your child feel ready for their céad lá sa Ghaelscoil.

Be enthusiastic: Show your child that you’re excited about them starting in the Gaelscoil. Enrolling them in the school was a big decision for you, especially if you don’t have fluent Irish yourself. Read up on the benefits of education through Irish and remind yourself why you chose the school for them. Browse the section for parents on www.gaeloideachas.ie, which is a one-stop-shop for everything to do with gaelscoileanna.

Talk together: Talking to your child in any language helps them to improve their communication skills. It’s how we learn to talk in the first place, and it’s how they’ll learn to speak Irish when they start in the Gaelscoil, by listening to their teachers and then imitating them.

Talk to your child about all the great things that will happen when they start school school: making new friends, playing games, reading new books, singing songs and learning a whole new language. Give them the chance to tell you what they’re looking forward to or what they might be worried about.

Talk to them about the language or languages you use at home, and explain to them that they will use Irish in school. Help your child to understand that there are different languages. From the age of about 2, children can tell the difference between colours and shapes, and they begin to develop an awareness of the differences between people. Talk to them about how language is one of the ways in which people can be different, and that this can be fun and exciting. Use examples that will be familiar to your child if you can, friends and neighbours who speak other languages, or any experiences they have of other countries and cultures. Try watching some cartoons in Irish together. There’s a huge range of programmes and interactive games in Irish available on www.cula4.com, TG4’s player for children’s television.

Introducing some Irish to your home before your child starts in school will help them to get used to how the language sounds, and even to learn a few simple words. Gaeloideachas has published a book of simple vocabulary and phrases to help parents to use some Irish at home. It covers various everyday themes: home life, school, animals, colours, clothes, and lots more besides. It’s available to download from www.gaeloideachas.ie. You can listen to how the words are pronounced through the online dictionary www.focloir.ie.

Read together: The very best thing you can do for your child to prepare them for school is to read to them, and foster a love of books and reading. Picture books are a great way to encourage conversation – about school or anything else. Read in your home language, or if you have a cúpla focal, try reading a simple book in Irish with them. Make an adventure of it, take a trip to the library together and allow your child to choose a book for you to read.

Learn together: The vast majority of parents whose children go to a Gaelscoil don’t have fluent Irish. Show your child that you’re interested in learning along with them and they’ll be motivated to teach you. There’s no better teacher than the child who comes home from school every day, excited to share what they’ve learned. Take a look at www.irishforparents.ie. This website has simple lessons to help you to learn Irish yourself at home, as well as a number to call when you need help with your child’s homework. Ask your school about classes for parents. Many schools offer them at low cost and convenient times throughout the school year. These classes give you a great chance to talk to other parents about their experiences and to trade tips on how best to support your child.

Don’t worry! It’s natural to be anxious about your child starting school, even more so when they’ll be learning through a language that you’re not fluent in yourself. But don’t forget that the teachers, special needs assistants and all the support staff in Gaelscoileanna welcome new children in every year. It’s their job to take the very best care of your child, and to help them to settle and feel happy in school. They have all kinds of tricks up their sleeves to do this – songs, body language, gestures, pictures, rhymes, repetition –to make sure that the children can understand them and that they can understand the children. It won’t be long before your child will start using the Irish they pick up in school, and they’ll be keen to teach you as they learn themselves.

Tutor wanted for student with Dyslexia

August 3, 2018

Bilingual (English/Irish) Tutor sought for 7 year old boy with Dyslexia entering Rang 1 in September.
Please contact Ciara in Dublin 6 at 087 204 6565 .

Assistance Pre-school Leader (Naíonra)

July 31, 2018

Applications sought for the the position of Leas-Stiúrthóir (Assistance Pre-school Leader) at  Naíonra Chrónáin,  Áras Chrónáin, Cluain Dolcáin, Baile Átha Cliath 22 , D22X856

Essential Qualifications:

  • A minimum of FETAC Level 7 Certificiation in Childcare (Major Award) or equivalent or higher level qualification in childcare, with experience and fluency in spoken and written Irish.
  • Good Communication skills, both written and spoken.
  • At least 3 years experience
  • 2 Written References

Post:    Full-time position

Salary: Competitive salary depending on qualifications and experience

Application letter and CV to:

An Cathaoirleach, Muintir Chrónáin Teo,

Áras Chrónáin Ionad Cultúir,

Bóthar an Úlloird, Cluain Dolcáin,

Baile Átha Cliath 22, D22X856



Closing Date for applications: 5.00p.m. Friday 10th August 2018

(Gaeilge) Trí fholúntas le Fiontar & Scoil na Gaeilge

July 31, 2018

Sorry, this entry is only available in Irish.

Vacancies in Naíonra Thaobh na Coille, Dublin

July 26, 2018

Teacher/Group Leader for September 2018/2019

(we can accept teachers on career breaks as we are not governed by the Department of Education)

The Naíonra Thaobh na Coille (Established 1999) is a progressive pre-school which teaches children through the medium of the Irish language implementing the Aistear Programme governed by the Department of Children and Youth Affairs.

This is a 5 day week; Monday -Friday (9am-4pm) & a 38 week sessional post.

Successful candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

* Primary School Teaching Qualification


* ECCE FETAC Level 7 or Higher

* Comprehensive knowledge of the Irish language and culture.

* First aid/fire safety/manual handling certificates.

* Excellent interpersonal and communication skills in dealing with children, parents and staff.

Assistant Group Leader for September 2018/2019

Successful candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

* ECCE FETAC Level 5 / 6

* Comprehensive knowledge of the Irish language and culture.

* First aid/fire safety/manual handling certificates.

* Excellent interpersonal and communication skills in dealing with children, parents and staff.

Please apply by emailing your cover letter and CV to: naionrathaobhnacoille@gmail.com

If you have any queries please contact Denise on 087 2903638.

Vacancies in Naíonra Chaitlín Maude, Dublin 24

July 13, 2018

Term time Preschool Teacher (€12 per hour) and 2 fixed term AIM (€11.15 per hour) support teachers

  • QQI Level 5/6 in childcare or equivalent for AIM
  • Knowledge of childcare regulations
  • Interest in working with children and/with additional needs
  • Experience in linking curriculum to Aistear/Síolta
  • Ability to Plan, observe and reflect on practice
  • Fluency in Irish or willingness to improve their own level
  • First Aid
  • Children first training
  • Build positive relationships with parents and colleagues


Is féidir CV a sheoladh chuig naionra.cm@gmail.com (Aisling) nó chuig Naíonra Chaitlín Maude, F/ch Scoil Chaitlín Maude, Hazelgrove Estate, Cill and Árdáin, BÁC 24

Dáta deireanach a nglacfar le hiarrtais 10/08/2018

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