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Go raibh maith agat, Mr Myers

February 25, 2011

Kevin Myers (‘Let’s debunk the myth of Irish as a living language’, Irish Independent, February 23) must really stop encouraging us speakers of Irish.

He has been the most successful promoter of Irish since the foundation of the State. Every time he writes an article on this subject he promotes the use of ‘Gaeilge’ in the farthest corners of the country and, thanks to the internet, on a global scale.

The newspaper for which he now contributes publishes the most widely read Irish language newspaper of all time, ‘Foinse’. The leaders of the main parties are speaking about the issues of the day on television in a pre-election debate. We have Mr Myers and other begrudgers of the Irish language to thank for the vibrancy of the language today. Long may it continue.

Concubhar o Liathain
Co Cork

Irish Independent – Litir chuig an Eagarthóir