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35 Children enrol in unrecognised school, Gaelscoil Ráth Tó

November 17, 2010

35 families registered their children to start in Gaelscoil Ráth Tó in September at an induction meeting for the school in Rathoath, Co. Meath on Thursday, 02 November 2010, despite still waiting to get official recognition from the Department of Education and Skills.

Parents and children attended the meeting in Gaelscoil Ráth Tó to meet the school principal and receive information on the school’s progress.

The Department of Education and Skills will be announcing shortly where new schools will open in 2011; the Rataoth community expect to be on that list and that Gaelscoil Ráth Tó, which opened in September this year without recognition, will be recognised and sanctioned.

The large attendance and the continued parental demand in the area confirms the urgent need to recognise Gaelscoil Rath Tó.

School Principal Tricia Ní Mhaolagáin said: “Twenty children that were on the waiting list for Gaelscoil Ráth Tó lost out last year when the school was refused recognition. Are another generation of Rathoath children to miss out on the benefits of an all-Irish education or will the Department of Education and Skills do the right thing and support Gaelscoil Ráth Tó by giving it official recognition?”