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Apps in Irish

November 29, 2011

Until recently there were little or no mobile applications available in the Irish language, despite the huge shift in the huge growth of the Smartphone industry and changes in the way people access information online.

2011 was a milestone year as it was the first year ever where tablet and Smartphone sales overtook laptop sales.
People are changing to Smartphones and consumers attitudes and behaviours are changing, and no more is the change more apparent than amongst teenagers, or digital natives as the digital industry calls them.

A study carried out by Mobile Youth this year revealed 60% of teenagers go to bed with their phone beside them. Before they go to bed over 45% of Smartphone owners check in on social networks and the web.

Much of this revolution is based on the growth of social networks on Twitter and Facebook. Whereas previously users logged on using pc’s or laptops, now consumers are checking in using their smartphones. This is due in no so small measure to the speed and functionality of the mobile devices and the various operating systems from iOS on the iPhone to  Android devices, Windows and Blackberry which are available.

Finally however it seems the Irish language has caught up with technology in this regard and a raft of new  applications have been launched.  Check them out by searching for ‘Gaeilge’ in the Appstore.

1.  Enjoy Irish
Developed by educational company, Oideas Gael, this application is aimed at Irish language learners. The user can listen to Irish language conversations while reading the text of conversations. This app is based on the Irish language course, ‘Enjoy Irish’ and is particularly useful for those hoping to perfect the Irish learned at school in years previously.

2. Cúla 4
This app was launched at Oireachtas na Gaeilge in Killarney earlier this month. The app features a fun range of words for preschoolers which deal with a wide range of subjects from the weather to animals, cars and parts of the body. The interactive app was developed by TG4’s inhouse design team.

3. Bábóg Baby
Bábóg Baby, the cuddly bear which speaks Irish was a sell-out success last Christmas and this year the bear has turned his eye to technology. The Bábóg Baby app features words and phrases suitable for toddlers and young Irish language learners and is available on iPhone and Android.

4 Cliúsaíocht as Gaeilge
This has to be the funniest app available as Gaeilge on the market. The app is based on a book written by Rossa Ó Snodaigh from Kíla and its adult humour most certainly would scare the living daylights out of your granny. This provocative app features phrases on flirting, emotions and the human body and is full of wit and plámás.

5.  Get the Focal
Maithú, a web development company were well ahead of the posse when they first launched their Irish language app, get the focal almost two years ago.  The translator contains words and terminology as Gaeilge from the Ó Dómhnaill Irish language dictionary as well as terminology from Focal.ie. The app is useful for those who are looking for an Irish word that’s just not on the tip of the tongue. And it’s a useful one for table quizzes by all accounts as well. Oh the wonderful world of the mobile web!

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