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Educating students for the real world

July 23, 2012

With the latest announcement of jobs in PayPal, and the fact half of the number are imported people with language skills, I would like to ask the teachers running our Dáil why we are not teaching kids these languages by now?

This jobs for the boys/girls culture, has cost us again.

Teaching Irish and religion benefits no-one, and we are the only tiny country in the world speaking Irish and barely practising religion.

Let Irish be an option, let the Catholic Church teach religion.

Let’s educate the children about stuff that makes a difference — German, French, Spanish, how to drive, environmental studies.

Instead of buying tablets for TDs, let them do a bit of work.

They are all paid way more than they’re worth and there are too many of them.

They should get in touch with the real world.

Emmet Murphy
Co Cork