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Give us a choice of two Irish subjects

March 31, 2011

I AM writing to you to express my opinion on the way I feel Irish should be taught in schools.

A recent report has suggested that the teaching of Irish in the education system be split into two different subjects – Irish language and Irish literature. What a brilliant idea. The language itself can be a fun and interesting subject to do. This interest is dampened by the fact that students have to learn ancient stories and poems, in Irish, to pass their exams. This burden makes the subject unenjoyable and stressful, which puts many students off liking the subject. I’m all for learning the “cúpla focail”, but having to learn a poem about jam – for instance – really does seem ridiculous. By all means, keep Irish on the curriculum, but I think students should have a choice as to whether to do the language, the literature, or both.  This would maintain a healthy interest in the subject and prevent it from dying out.

Daisy May Pemble (14)
Co Cork

Irish Examiner