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Irish language secondary school meeting tomorrow in Derry

February 12, 2014

A public meeting will be held in Derry tomorrow to discuss plans for an Irish language secondary school in the city.

The meeting, which will be held in Rafters, Northland Road, on Wednesday at 7.30pm, will hear the concerns of parents about the delay in setting up a new Irish medium secondary school.

It will also hear from two speakers who will share their own experiences of attending Irish medium secondary education. A spokesperson for the organisers said; “Our children deserve the highest standard of education through the same language they have been educated in their primary years. “It is wrong that the gifts with which they leave our gaelscoils are not built upon when they go to secondary school. “Every year that goes by without a resolution is a disappointment to those who have lost out and a worry for parents of younger children. A viable option for establishing second level education is already on the table and, for the first time, has the support of all the schools and the majority of parents. “The meeting is not a platform for other agendas or for raking over the past; we have been distracted for long enough. “This is an opportunity for parents to put forward positive ideas on how we can move forward united together as a parent body and highlight this issue for the sake of our children.” The public meeting is open to all who want to see Irish Medium second level education restored in the city.