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Nationwide Irish language picnic day

May 24, 2012

Fun and games through the Irish language will take place across Ireland on May 27th as young Irish language speaking families meet for the national picnic day organised by Comhluadar.

Comhluadar is an organisation that supports parents who are raising their children through Irish.
The main picnic will be taking place in St.Enda’s Park, Rathfarnham, Dublin, although other picnics will be taking place in other counties throughout the country including, Derry, Donegal, Longford, Louth, Mayo and Limerick.

Nicole Ní Cheallaigh, Officer of National Events at Comhluadar says, ‘The Picnic Náisiúnta is a great opportunity for families to come together at an Irish event in a relaxed, fun manner. There has been great interest already from both our own members and from members of the public.”

A picnic has not been organised for every county, however, people are more than welcome to organise their own picnic and register it with Comhluadar.
Every registered picnic will receive a resource pack to ensure the picnic is included as one of the many picnics of National Picnic Day.

Everyone is welcome to attend the National Picnic, although it is aimed at families who intend to speak Irish to their children.
Comhluadar often organise such events to cater for parents who raise their children through Irish and wish to get in contact with other parents who do the same.
Comhluadar intend to organise National Picnic Day annually from now on.

More information about National Picnic Day can be found on www.comhluadar.ie