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Fíbín throws the biggest birthday party in the West!

August 30, 2013

Fíbín Theatre Company brings a vast rock-face to life in a free outdoor video-mapping spectacle on September 13th & 14th in a quarry in Camus, Connemara. Stair na gCeilteach or ‘History of the Celts’ is the action-packed story of the Celts told through the eyes of Vercingetorix, who is celebrating his 3,000th birthday.
Stair na gCeilteach also marks Fíbín’s 10th birthday. Fíbín are well-known for their highly visual style of theatre which often features masks, puppets, video projections and shadow puppetry. This is the company’s first site-specific show and first time to use video-mapping. Managing Director Darach O’Tuairisg says, ’This will be the most exciting visual spectacle Connemara has ever seen. It’s also an opportunity for Fíbín, not alone to celebrate its ten years, but to thank our loyal supporters and to invite people who’ve never seen a Fíbín show to see something new and really different.”
Video-mapping is a state-of-the-art technology of mapping the contours of any surface and projecting vast moving images onto it. The surface appears to spring into life, creating exhilarating 3D imagery and optical illusions. Stair na gCeilteach is directed by Rod Goodall and will be the biggest video-mapping show in Ireland this year. The show features music performed by the award-winning Galway choir Cois Cladaigh and soloist Sarah Grealish for these two special performances.
The show is a collaboration between Fíbín and video-mapping artists Improbable Films from Madrid and forms part of the programme for Culture Connects. Culture Connects is the culture programme connecting Irish artists with European artists and marks Ireland’s Presidency of the Council of the European Union. Stair na gCeilteach is supported by Ealáin na Gaeltachta, a joint venture between Údaras na Gaeltachta and The Arts Council, which promotes the development of the contemporary and traditional arts in the Gaeltacht.
Fíbín’s highly visual style transcends language barriers and has performed to over 400,000 people over its ten years.
The artist Joe Boske painted the poster for ‘Stair na gCeiteach’. People would know Joe’s work from previous Galway Arts Festival posters going down through the years.
Stair na gCeilteach is on September 13th & 14th at 9pm at the Quarry, Furnace Road, Camus, Connemara. Tickets are free but must be reserved by contacting fibinteo@gmail.com or by calling 091 593823. For more information see www.fibin.com

Stair na gCeilteach by Fíbín and Improbable Films