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Búla bos for Cúla Búla!

August 30, 2013

As children all over Ireland return to school, one Irish children’s entertainment company is working hard to make sure that the Irish language is one thing they can look forward to this year. Cúla Búla parties provides new options for children’s parties that allows them enjoy themselves through the medium of the Irish language.

Drawing on experience in Irish education and theatre for young children, Cúla Búla Parties has developed a magical, fun-filled, Irish language experience that brings a love of the language into the home. It is due to sister company Dagda Theatre’s success with practical language learning through workshops and performance that Cúla Búla’s founder Clódagh Nic Gabhann recognised a need for furthering this early love of language through party entertainment, in the form of magic, puppets, face painting and balloon modeling; “The reason that I started Cúla Búla was simple. I personally have a passion for the Irish language and have seen in the past how quickly a child’s attitude can change. Give them positive experiences when they are young and a love will blossom.”

Cúla Búla Parties are putting the ‘Cúl’-a back in the Irish language. For further information about Cúla Búla, check out their website www.culabulaparties.com, call (01) 5357595 or find them on Facebook and keep an eye out for special offers www.facebook.com/culabulaparties.

Clódagh Nic Gabhann, 0852130384, clodagh@culabulaparties.com

Cúla Búla