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Request for submissions

November 28, 2013

Galway and Roscommon Education and Training Board (GRETB)is seeking public opinion in relation to the services provided to customers through Irish.

GRETB now wishes to invite representations from any interested parties in relation to the preparation of the first draft language scheme in accordance with the Official Languages Act 2003 (Section 11). The primary objective of the Act is to ensure better availability and a higher standard of public services through Irish.

Submissions can be made electronically by email: fiosruithe@gretb.ie or by post:
‘Scéim Teanga’
Galway and Roscommon Education and Training Board
An Coiléar Bán
Co. Galway.

The latest date for receipt of submissions is 5.00 p.m. on Friday, 20 December 2013.
Information in relation to the and services provided to the public by Galway and Roscommon Education and Training Board is available on www.countygalwayvec.ie, www.cgvec.ie and www.roscommonvec.ie.


The consultation process is of utmost importance to ensuring that public companies meet the public’s expectations in relation services provided to the public bilingually. Should you wish to recommend way in which to improve services through Irish from public companies, you can send your views to eolas@gaelport.com or send a submission to the public company in question during the consultation process. The most common recommendations made to public companies are the following:
• Current bilingual ability of the public body
• Active availability/offer and maintaining demand of services through Irish
• Recruitment policy
• Access to documentation/Application Form
• Irish language signs
• Public Meetings
• Language requirements of An Ghaeltacht
• Company Website
• Evaluating/Assessing the language scheme’s aims
• Monitoring and documenting developments made
• Publicising/Advertising the Language Scheme and its contents

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