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DES: Call for Submissions for New Statement of Strategy 2015-2017

September 25, 2014

In accordance with the provisions of the Public Service Management Act, 1997, the Department of Education and Skills is currently preparing a new Statement of Strategy for the three year period from 2015-2017. This key policy document will focus on Government priorities and set out the strategic direction and high level goals of the Department for that period.

As part of this process, we are now consulting with stakeholders and clients and would be grateful to receive your input, suggestions and views regarding any strategic issues that, in your view, should be incorporated in our Statement of Strategy.

Our Mission

The Department of Education and Skills is responsible for education and training in Ireland and its mission is to enable learners to achieve their full potential and contribute to Ireland’s economic, social and cultural development.

In pursuit of this mission, the Department aims to:

Provide a quality inclusive school and early years education system, with improved learning outcomes.

Provide opportunities for upskilling and reskilling that meet the needs of individuals and the labour market.

Provide high quality learning, research and innovation opportunities in the higher education sector.

Plan and provide appropriate infrastructure for learning environments.

In support of these high-level goals, the Department is engaged in a wide range of activities covering the key elements of policy planning, quality assurance, resourcing, regulation and evaluation, as well as providing a broad range of support services for the education sector.

New Statement of Strategy

Our new Statement of Strategy will be informed by the document Ireland’s Education and Training Sector-Overview of service delivery and reform and will focus on its four main themes of Learning for life, Improving Quality and Accountability, Supporting Inclusion and Diversity and Building the Right Systems and Infrastructure. We would be grateful for your views on this approach.

More detailed information on our business activities can be found on our Management & Organisation page. Our existing Statement of Strategy 2011-2014 can be downloaded here.

How to contribute

If you would like to contribute input or suggestions, please forward your submission by email before Friday 10th October to: corporate_governance@education.gov.ie