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Spraoi sa Seomra Ranga le Foinse Óg

September 27, 2012

www.Foinse.ie today announced the launch of a new online suite of free learning resources for Primary School teachers and students in conjunction with COGG (www.cogg.ie).

Hundreds of top-quality resources, including crosswords, posters, games, fill in the blanks and lesson plans for teachers are now available online for free at www.foinse.ie.

The resources are all based on curriculum themes allowing teachers to build entire lessons around the free resources online. The variety of resources to be found on www.foinse.ie means that there is something for all levels of Irish language.

Building on Foinse’s reputation for top class educational material, these resources have been developed by Primary School teachers for Primary School teachers. The resources are suitable for all levels of Irish language learners and can be used across many different areas of the curriculum.

The new resources include engaging colourful posters based on themes within the curriculum. These posters are designed for ease of use on interactive whiteboards and projectors but can also be printed out and used in a more traditional way.

Interactive games, crosswords, jigsaws and fill in the blank exercises are all part of the suite of resources too allowing teachers to cater for different levels of ability within one class.

Each week during the school term, there will be a lesson plan in Foinse (available with the Irish Independent every Wednesday) that links in to the resources online allowing teachers and parents the chance to keep children engaged and excited about the Irish language.

All you have to do to get started is logon to www.foinse.ie and click on our acmhainní tab to see the whole range of resources available and start having fun in the seomra ranga.