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Irish language EU website welcomed by Anderson

Nollaig 20, 2013

Sinn Féin MEP Martina Anderson has welcomed the inclusion of Irish in the European Union elections website which was launched this week.

It is the first time Irish has been used on official European Union websites.

Irish is an official language of the European Union but until now it was not reflected in the organisation’s websites.

Ms Anderson has been campaigning for the inclusion of Irish in all official EU websites since she was co-opted onto the parliament.

“Since taking up the role of MEP I have lobbied the Commission to have Gaeilge, as one of the official languages of the EU, given equal recognition with all other official languages,” she said.

The MEP also said she hoped creation of an election website in Irish would lead to an official EU website in Irish to provide information for Irish speakers.

“The inclusion of Gaeilge on the EU Elections website is a first and I welcome it and hope that this is an indication that our native language will finally be given equal status in the working life of the EU Institutions alongside all others,” she added.

Irish became an official language of the European Union in 2007 following a long campaign by Irish language activists. The Stádas campaign had the support of a number of political parties and Irish language organisations.

Before that Irish only had treaty status, which meant that EU treaties were available in Irish. The move meant that all EU business can be conducted through Irish and MEPS can address the chamber in Irish.


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