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Coirm Festivals

November 18, 2010

Coirm festivals are organised throughout the country in theatres with first class facilities. Each school performs a variety show of no more than 20 minutes duration. Children participating may come from different classes and there is no age limit. To ensure a festive spirit on the day every group is expected to stay and watch some of the other schools’ performances. To enhance their enjoyment of the day Gael Linn provide a short performance by professional artistes at each festival. Participating children receive a memento of their day at Coirm.

To ensure an Irish language ethos at the festivals, Coirm is aimed primarily at Gaeltacht schools and Gaelscoileanna. However, other primary schools are invited to participate if the pupils are prepared to make a commitment to speak Irish at all times. Coirm aims to promote the use of Irish among primary school pupils by providing a stage for them to display their talents in a non-competitive Irish-speaking environment. Completed entry forms must be returned To Gael Linn by December 6th, 2010.

Further information and entry forms are available on the Gael Linn Website.