Méid an Téacs

Dictionary with pictures to help revive Irish

Deireadh Fómhair 16, 2013

ONE of Britain’s oldest educational institutions has published a book aimed at supporting the Irish language revival among children.

The Oxford University Press (OUP) has announced the publication of an Irish-to-English visual dictionary, aimed at youngsters aged eight years and upward. The book has been targeted at the burgeoning Irish community in Britain as well as the Irish market. The publisher, which is a department of the centuries-old University of Oxford, said its supports the Irish language revival. “Since 2000 there has been a growing resurgence of interest in maintaining and reviving Irish Gaelic with a growing desire to teach the next generation the language of their forebears,” the university said. Each section of the book, features a brief introduction followed by colourful and contemporary illustrations and it includes around 1,500 vocabulary items in both Irish and English. Vineeta Gupta, children’s dictionary publisher with the OUP, said that Irish has been undergoing a revival.

“People are quite rightly proud of their heritage and want to keep it alive and pass it on for future generations – and part of our OUP mission is about helping to support language learners wherever they are.”