Méid an Téacs

Funding for Naiscoil an Creagain from Education Minister – O’Muirí

Iúil 11, 2014

Sinn Féin’s local Irish language spokesperson Barra O’Muirí has said that Education Minister John O’Dowd’s decision to provide interim funding to Altram has provided stability and security for Naiscoil an Creagain.

Speaking following the announcement that Altram, which funds Irish Medium pre-school provision across the north, will receive funding from the Department of Education Councillor Ó Muirí said, “Altram will experience a short-fall in their funding following the changes being brought in by Foras na Gaeilge as a result of an North South Ministerial Council decision made last year.

“This had a knock on effect on our local Irish Medium Pre School facility – Naiscoil an Creagain as there were concerns that services would have to be cut due to lack of funding.

“However John O’Dowd’s announcement has meant that the Naiscoil will not loose any fudning and services will be maintained. This is wonderful news and a sensible decision from the Minister.

He added, “I am delighted, knowing the excellent work that Naiscoil an Cresgain are doing and I think that this news, coupled with the £14.5 Million investment in a new second level school in Crossmaglen demonstrates Sinn Féin’s ongoing commitment to education in South Armagh.”


Bradley calls for Foras na Gaeilge to explain new funding arrangements

Feabhra 18, 2014

SDLP MLA for Newry and Armagh has invited Foras na Gaeilge to be questioned by Stormont’s Culture Arts and Leisure Committee about new funding arrangements for the Irish Language.

Speaking to Newry Times, Bradley said, “Core funded organisations, which are currently outside the funding loop – Pobal, Ultach and Altram – will also give evidence to the Committee. “Many questions still remain unanswered. Will the Minister urge Foras na Gaeilge to implement a consortia-based approach to ensure the continuance of the excellent work being carried out by POBAL, Iontaobhas Ultach, Altram and Forbairt Feirste? “How will the experience and leadership skill of the staff here be retained, how many posts will be ended, will the lead organisations share accommodation, will the leadership posts of Directors/Chief Executives the 6 Lead organisations will be subject to open completion? Bradley added, “I will be pressing Foras na Gaeilge to provide the answers to these important questions.”


‘Lá Mór na Gaeilge an uplifting event’ – Bradley

Feabhra 18, 2014

SDLP Irish Language spokesperson and MLA for Newry and Armagh said today that the unsurpassed attendance at Lá Mór na Gaeilge over the weekend was an uplifting event for the Irish speaking community in this country.

Bradley insisted that it ‘clearly shows the two governments the total disgust’ that Irish speakers feel about the downgrading of the language in policy and funding terms. Speaking in Dublin after the event the SDLP MLA said “I travelled to Dublin with a group of Irish speakers from Newry and Armagh district and we felt truly uplifted by the huge crowd of people, upwards of 10,000 which turned out from all over Ireland and from every Gaeltacht to show their support for the language.

“Today’s attendance illustrates clearly that Irish speakers are not prepared to stand for the marginalisation of the language whether it be by reduced funding or half-hearted policies. “Irish is our national language and the brightest jewel of our heritage and we will not stand for its marginalisation, north or south. Bradley added, “I hope that today’s attendance is a wake-up call for the governments and that they now see that Irish speakers will not accept the downgrading of the language in any form whatsoever.”


Opening of Gaelscoil na mBeann Welcomed

Aibreán 15, 2013

Newry Times