Méid an Téacs

Gaelscoil takes top GCSEs results

Lúnasa 21, 2015

Children as young as 10 have achieved something this week that many teenagers only dream of an; an ‘A*’ grade in their GSCE.

Gaelscoil Eadain Mhoir on the Lecky Road and Gaelscoil na Daroige in Ballymagroaty both achieved outstanding results in the exam which most children won’t sit until age 16.

Gaelscoil Eadain Mhoir on the Lecky Road put 20 children forward for the exam and achieved a 100 per cent pass rate in the test, which includes written and oral work.

Mary nic Ailin who heads up the school thanked the children’s’ parents for their continued support and said that they had given them “the gift of bilingualism” by choosing to send them to the school.

“A high percentage of the children scored full marks in the speaking component of the exam and we were thrilled to get a 100 per cent pass rate,” she said.

“The children that we put forward for the exam were all aged 10 and 11 and 75 per cent of them were awarded A* and B. grades.

“We are absolutely delighted at the children’s success. The hard work undertaken by the class teacher Alicia O Kane has really paid off.

“We are extremely proud of their success and delighted to be able to celebrate with them today before the move on the next stage of their education as they embark on secondary education in schools all around out city.

“The completion of such a prestigious of exam at a such a young age is an outstanding achievement. These children have excelled in all four components of the exam.

“We hope the second level schools they have chosen continue to focus on developing the amazing talents these bilingual children have and we are sure they will be stars of the future. “

Head teacher at Gaelscoil na Daroige, Oisin Kehoe also praised his pupils as the school undetook the GCSE for the first time.

“We had eight pupils altogether sitting the GCSE and four achieved grade A and four grade B. The success is all theirs,” he said.

“They put in the work and did extra study after school on a Wednesday and on Saturdays. Some of them were nervous initially but actually they all enjoyed taking the exam.

“This is the first year that we have gone forward with the GCSE and the great results are a brilliant way to start our 10th year as a school.”